Every reputable beach provides an aqua park within its offer. And only the selected ones have GT for Fun, the most propulsive brand on Croatian Adriatic coast! We are especially proud of our partners that have turned aqua parks into real sports grounds on the water and fun for whole family. Attractive slides, trampolines, tunnels, obstacles andante swings are just a part of the whole elements offer range, while covering full users spectrum. Park’s ease of use is extremely important for its maximum usability, and this has been significantly improved by the easy entry system of trails only 10 cm high that connect all elements, and with additional handles installed on each trail allowing easy climbing for the youngest children. Apart from an unforgettable experience, the emphasis is certainly on safety, in line with that, parks posses all required European safety and quality certificates.  

Aquapark enables organization of super-fun, attractive games and competitions for the whole family, which are also an excellent communication tool for the beach and destination promotion, as all participants post numerous photo and video materials through their social networks.


Stand Up Paddling is one of the fastest growing sports of today, and is perfect for exploring the hidden natural beauties, islands, beaches and caves. Also for organizing various types of interesting competitions, tours or trainings. It is extremely simple and safe, so in a short time and with just a few workouts it becomes great fun for the whole family. It is certainly a great advantage that the whole body actively works in this sport, so it contributes to better physical condition. In order to make the sport as accessible as possible to the users, inflatable boards were created which are very practical because they can be easily stored and transported.

SROKA Company is a French brand developed by Bruno Sroka, 3 times world Kitesurfing champion and the first man to have crossed the Cape Horn with a kite. Born from the desire to share his passion while developing quality products that are durable over time, SROKA Company develops watersports equipment such as Kitesurf and Wind Foil, Kite Foil, Surf Foil, SUP Foil, Wing Foil, and inflatable Stand Up Paddle. Their objective is to make accessible watersports, by proposing the best products at the best price. This is why each of them is extensively tested and approved by their team on the French coast.


Kayaking is an activity that provides numerous opportunities for adventure in nature. Sit-on-top kayaks are the most stable and the safest kayaks that are designed for the high seas, so they are comfortable and easy to use. Whether you are an advanced kayaker or a beginner, the adventurous spirit and will is the only thing you need to explore everything you want!

BIC sport is a French brand that has been developing sports equipment in the field of water sports for 40 years, and which brought its Thermophilic Polyethylene construction to perfection. Using such technology, they got extremely strong kayaks with smooth hulls that allow easy gliding through the water and provide top performance.


For a short relaxation and pleasant socializing of the whole family on on the high seas, it is best to use pedal boats, which have been entertaining many numerous tourists on the beaches and are a pioneer item to today’s industry of fun at sea. Italy is definitely world’s leader in pedal boat production, and Capri pedal boats that we use are one of the best in a wide selection.


Trampolines are certainly part of evening fun time for kids, while parents can relax.  Different movements that  are useful and important for development of motor muscles, body coordination, balance, endurance and strength can be performed there! Company Renting Ltd. produces quality trampolines and kids playgrounds since 1997. with great performance results in safety and durability.